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SolarFix® thread is guaranteed in writing to last! Made of 100% PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene) fiber , SolarFix® is THE best thread choice for all marine and outdoor applications. Extremely resistant to harmful UV rays and chemical exposure, SolarFix® is also mildew resistant and interchanges well with other thread.

*SolarFix® is AY Tech LLC’s registered trademark for synthetic fiber, thread and yarn.

Thread Sold in Spools / Priced per lb. / Spool Weight: 1.1 - 1.25 lbs. per Spool

Sample Cones Sold in Spools / Priced per Spool

Sample Card
Warranty Card
Needle Chart
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ImageItem IDDescriptionQuantity
SOL2000B SolarFix® 2000 PTFE Thread Black
SOL2000C SolarFix® 2000 PTFE Thread Clear
SOL2000C8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE CLEAR
SOL2000W SolarFix® 2000 PTFE Thread White
SOL2000B8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE Black
SOL2000 SolarFix® 2000 PTFE Thread Sample Cone
SOL2400B Thread {ns6}SolarFix 2400 PTFE Black
SOL1360B SolarFix® 1360 PTFE Thread Black
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/SOL2000SB_t.* does not existSOL2000SB Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE Sample Spool
SOLARFIX WARRANTY SolarFix® Warranty Card
SOL2000BL8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE BLUE
SOL2000BR8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE BROWN
SOL2000W8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE SATIN WHITE
SOL2400W Thread {ns6}SolarFix 2400 PTFE White
SOL2400C Thread {ns6}SolarFix 2400 PTFE Clear
SOL1360 SolarFix® 1360 PTFE Thread Sample Cone
SOL1360C SolarFix® 1360 PTFE Thread Clear
SOL1360W SolarFix® 1360 PTFE Thread White
SOL2000DR8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE DK RED
SOL2000LI8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE LIME
SOL2000OR8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE ORANGE
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/SOL2000SBLUE_t.* does not existSOL2000SBLUE Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE Sample Spool
SOL2000WI8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE WINE
SOL2000G8 Thread SolarFix® 2000 PTFE GREEN
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