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What is The Miami Corporation?

The Miami Corporations is a supplier of upholstery fabric, outdoor fabric and upholstery supplies. We carry fabrics suitable for automotive, marine, awning, industrial, healthcare, outdoor, contact, and hospitality applications. Beyond this, we carry auto interior and exterior trim products such as convertible tops, car seat heaters, and door panels. Our marine department includes boat fabric, boat top hardware, mooring poles, and panel mounting systems.

Call Toll Free: 800-543-0448

  • “When it comes to being the BEST there is no second place! So, when it comes to all of the upholstery needs to keep us at the top of the industry for our exotics, modern performance, classic car & hot rod interiors the choice is clear, it's The Miami Corp for Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs! For the largest, most durable selection of vinyls to top shelf leathers, thread, foams, best pricing & everything in between, The Miami Corp simply can't be beat. With the highest levels of customer service Miami Corp. has been our personal choice for all of our automotive interior needs for 10years. The Miami Corp is Upholstery, done Bubba Style!”

    —Bubba & Tom
    Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs

  • “ButtRaxx Custom Airboat Seats has been using Miami Corp since the beginning. Miami Corp has always been professional and customer service oriented. There are very few places where the customer service team is always on point when it matters, and we can say that Miami Corp has never let us down. They provide quality top of the line products, at fair prices. Our representative from Miami Corp goes above and beyond his duties and is available to us at all times. Our success depends on companies like Miami Corp, and we look forward to working with them well into the future. With confidence we highly recommend Miami Corp!”

    —Rusty Masterson
    ButtRaxx Custom Airboat Seats

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    — Christopher Hitchens (Quote 6)

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