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You searched for: Hot Rod Trim Sticks
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Hot Rod Trim Sticks are the most unique auto trim product on the market today! Offering a completely reversible design, smooth on one side and grooved on the other, solid aluminum Trim Sticks are appropriate for any interior or exterior trim application, mainly used on door panels. Facilitate installation with optional accessory items such as billet handle pulls, bending boards, & drill bits

* 6 ft long x ½” wide x ¼” thick Solid Billet Aluminum
* Reversible: Smooth or Grooved Surface
* Interior or Exterior Applications

ImageItem IDDescriptionLocationGlobal AvailabilityQuantity
HRTS Hot Rod Trim Sticks MIAMI CORP - OHIO 0 EA in Stock
HRDP Hot Rod 6063 Billet Door Pulls MIAMI CORP - OHIO 0 PR in Stock
HRBB Hot Rod Trim Sticks Bending Board MIAMI CORP - OHIO 0 EA in Stock
DBD316 Double Ended Drill Bits 3/16" MIAMI CORP - OHIO 0 EA in Stock
BT200 Hot Rod, 6063 Billet Trim 6ft MIAMI CORP - OHIO 0 EA in Stock
DH100 Hot Rod, 6063 Billet Drink Holder MIAMI CORP - OHIO 0 EA in Stock