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OEM Auto Fabrics

detroit original fabric vinyl

 Original Equipment Manfactured Auto Upholstery Fabric

 Miami stocks a large variety of original auto cloth and vinyl fabric, actively keeping inventory from the past 10 years. We also carry a wide range of aftermarket vinyl and auto upholstery fabric in OEM colors and patterns, but at a fraction of the price.


2006 detroit original book

Upholstery is the general term for anything that is used to cover something (walls, seating, etc.) basically anything sold on a roll such as cloth, vinyl, leather, and/or headlining.  Automotive fabric is one type of upholstery that Miami Corp sells. Within that group are two sub-groups, Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) and Aftermarket goods (everything else). OEM goods would be the reproduction of what was in the automobile when it was manufactured.  Our customers have the choice to restore it back to what was original (OEM), choose something made to replicate the original (aftermarket), or go with something completely different (aftermarket).