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YKK’s patented design bring s flexibility and convenience to the marine industry. Unlike traditional metal screw studs, P G-3 plastic screw studs will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand and dirt. The unique dome shape enables it to be walked on without causing pain. What's even more amazing is how the snap component is secured. On the underside of the plastic dome is a pad of 3M, VHB™ acrylic conformable foam adhesive tape that enables the snap stud to adhere to boat surfaces without having to drill a hole. Simply clean the surface to which the snap stud is to be applied, peel off the protective paper backing, position & firmly hold the snap in place and release. No tool, no wait, no splits, no hole!
Use wherever a conventional screw stud might be used in securing Marine Carpeting , Cushions and Seating, Console Covers, or Canvas for decks, bulkheads or panels.

40mm Snap Stud
* Backed with 3M™ VHB™ (Very high Bond) Adhesive Tape. Documented performance adhesive for marine use.
* Adheres to smooth & textured marine surfaces without surface damage. No hole!
* Provides secure attachment. Withstands pressures 0.6 to 1.0 bar for 5 minutes.
* Works with the snaps you are now using. PG-3 Studs are compatible with all standard marine snap caps & sockets.
* Use to replace existing screw studs without the need to fill in the screw holes
* Offers consistent snap action over repeated use.
* Prevents corrosion, discoloring or cracking.
* Avoids screwing/ drilling into fiberglass boats.
* For use with snap-down marine carpet.

Sample Card
ImageItem IDDescriptionLocationGlobal AvailabilityQuantity
PG3 YKK® Domed Snap Stud w/Adhes Back MIAMI CORP - OHIO 0 EA in Stock
PG3B YKK® Domed Snap Stud w/Adhes Back Blak MIAMI CORP - OHIO 0 EA in Stock