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Solarfix® PTFE Thread Logo PTFE Thread

SolarFix® PTFE Thread is guaranteed in writing to last! Made of 100% PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene) fiber, SolarFix® is THE best thread choice for all marine and outdoor applications. Extremely resistant to harmful UV rays and chemical exposure, SolarFix® is also mildew resistant and interchanges well with other thread.
How can SolarFix® PTFE help your business?
  • Knowing you are making the best product possible!
  • Improve your workmanship
  • Improve customer confidence
  • Improving your competitive position
  • Increase marketable advantages compared to traditional sewing thread
  • Minimizing customer returns and warranty costs
Why choose Solarfix® PTFE?
  • SolarFix is currently used in many major markets across the USA
  • You will appreciate smoother sewing and less "down time"
  • Your customers will appreciate the idea of a guarantee against seam breakage due to UV or chemical degradation
  • Multiple sizes to give you the versatility and a consistent seam appearance
  • The Clear thread option makes for easier matching of fabrics
Solarfix® PTFE Thread Size: 1360

Used for: Residential Awnings, Commercial Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Lightweight Covers, Bimini Top, Bobbin Thread for Marine Upholstery.
  • Size: Between 69(T70) & 92 (T90)
  • Yield: 3310 yds/lb
  • Break strength: 10 lbs
  • Colors: black, white & clear
  • Needle size: #16-20
Solarfix® PTFE Thread Size: 2000

Used for: Marine Covers, Polycarbonate Enclosures, Pontoon Tops, Boat Tops, Attaching Zippers, Webbing and Hook & Loop.
  • Size: Approx. 92 (T90)
  • Yield: 2250 yds/lb
  • Break strength: 15 lbs
  • Colors: black, satin white & clear
  • Needle size: #18-20

*SolarFix® is AY Tech LLC's registered trademark for synthetic fiber, thread and yarn.