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The Miami Corporation DropShip Program
The Miami Corporation is always looking for ways to improve service to its customers. That is why we offer our "dropship" program. The program eliminates delays in delivery by shortening normal transit times. Most states in the Midwest are covered by our four warehouses, making it possible to receive orders the day after you place the order.

By looking at the maps and following the guidelines below, you can estimate the expected time of arrival for your order.

** Note, the maps below are UPS transit maps. If your package has shipped out on another carrier, you will have to go to the respective website and view their transit policies there.
  • Regions in yellow are all 1 day shipments of packages that leave the Grand Prairie, Cincinnati or Jacksonville location at any time. Cincinnati now has transit times for shipments going to Canada.
  • Regions in purple are part of our drop program. Any order going to the regions in purple, that is placed before 3:00PM leaving Cincinnati and 3:30PM leaving Jacksonville, will be delivered in 1 day.
  • If your order misses the 3:00/3:30PM deadline, and your location falls in the purple region, then your package will be delivered in 2 days.

  • Click on the map to see shipments leaving Grand Prairie, TX
    Get same day shipping: Grand Prairie Shipments

    Click on the map to see shipments leaving Cincinnati, OH
    Get same day shipping: Cincinnati Shipments

    Click on the map to see shipments leaving Jacksonville, FL
    Get same day shipping: Jacksonville Shipments

Click here to track for UPS.

Click here to track for FedEx.