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Folded Carpets- Ship or not to Ship?

When any wide carpet is ordered from Miami, the CSR will typically ask if it's OK to fold the carpet to save on some substantial shipping charges. Below are some pictures that demonstrate the effect of folding the carpet. We encourage the shop to leave ample time in order for the carpet to either be steamed or laid out in the sun for a few hours (up to a day) in order to let the fibers relax and stretch back out to normal. If it's within your shipping budget, we always recommend to ship wide carpets flat, but folding is always an option. Please inquire with your CSR on the different shipping options we offer to best suit your needs.

1 Gallon vs 5 Gallons

The DAP233 Gallon Pail of Weldwood Contact Adhesive is now available to ship without any Hazmat Shipping Fees. Each pail covers 200 square feet, can be applied with hot or cold spray equipment, and is resistant to high heat and water. The average cost to ship 4 one gallon pails in one box is $15. A 5 gallon pail is still an option to ship via ground, but you may be paying a lot more on your freight bill. With a more economical shipping option to get your adhesive(glue), all budgets can be met with our ever expanding freight commitment. Please inquire with a CSR to discuss your best possible solution when shipping adhesives with us.


Tips and Guides on Finishing Seams

Please checkout this fantastic article from the IFAI website, courtesy of Terri Madden @ Sand Sea and Air Custom Upholstery. She talks about all the different types of material, thread, and tools that can used to make your project stick out a little more above a competitors. Take a glance at our tools page to see if we have what you need to complete your next project.