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You searched for: Zodiac Glitter Vinyl
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Please note: This product glitters and its beauty may not be apparent on your monitor. Often seen on restaurant furniture, this vinyl is a very visible, showy seat covering. Naugahyde is the exclusive producer of this retro coated vinyl fabric.

Width: 54"
Weight: 36.3 oz / Linear Yard
30 yds / Roll
Cold Crack: -20 degrees F
Auto: MVSS-302
Flammability: CAL 117

Sample Card
ImageItem IDDescriptionQuantity
ZODIAC Sample Card Zodiac Naugahyde
ZD24 Burgundy Zodiac Vinyl
ZD21 Blue Zodiac Vinyl
ZD23 Green Zodiac Vinyl
ZD22 Gold Zodiac Vinyl
ZD26 Silver Zodiac Vinyl
ZD27 Charcoal Zodiac Vinyl
ZD78 Fuschia Zodiac Vinyl
ZD20 Cascade Zodiac Vinyl
ZD77 Hot Pink Zodiac Vinyl