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Pop On Polypropylene Screw Covers and Bases

Easy to Use:
1. Place the base over the pilot or starting hole for screw.
2. Install screw through the base.
3. Place cover over base at slight angle.
4. Simply push cover down firmly.

SNAP-CAPS® are comprised of a cap and base washer. The screw is secured into the base washer and the cap "snaps" on. SNAP-CAPS® provide a secure seal, protect the fastener head and prevent corrosion.

Outside Diameter: 1/2"
Fits screw sizes: #6 and #8 (Metric sizes M3 and M4)

ImageItem IDDescriptionQuantity
AU13841 Pop-On Base For #8 Screw
AU13842 Pop-On Base For #10 Screw
AU13835 Black Pop-On Cover For #8 Screw - 5/8" Outside Diam.
AU13836 White Pop-On Cover For #8 Screw - 5/8" Outside Diam.
AU13837 Black Pop-On Cover For #10 Screw - 5/8" Outside Diam.
AU13838 White Pop-On Cover For #10 Screw - 5/8" Outside Diam.