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Seabrook marine vinyl is specifically designed for all types of marine and outdoor applications. Available in vinyl & matching quilt and pre-made hydem & welt. Hidem (or Hydem) Welt Trim is most commonly used on boat upholstery projects to hide staples on seat edges or splice lines where vinyl meets vinyl. Lay hydem over the edge or seam that requires finishing. Separate the two rows of piping. Staple through the hydem and the raw edge. Your staples are concealed, giving problem areas a sleek, new and finished look.

25 yds / Roll
Sold by the Yard

Sample Card
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ImageItem IDDescriptionQuantity
SEABROOK SAMPLE CARD Sample Card Seabrook Vinyls
HWCAN129 Seabrook Hydem Welt Cantech White
HWSB120 Seabrook Hydem Welt Chalk
HWSBD137 Seabrook Hydem Welt D Gel White
HWSBD136 Seabrook Hydem Welt D White
HWSBD135 Seabrook Hydem Welt D Sea White
HWSB112 Seabrook Hydem Welt Sea White
HWSBD138 Seabrook Hydem Welt D Sea Shell
HWSB121 Seabrook Hydem Welt Stinger Cream
HWSB116 Seabrook Hydem Welt Lite Glacier
HWSB111 Seabrook Hydem Welt Moonlite
HWSB122 Seabrook Hydem Welt Stinger Bisque
HWSB110 Seabrook Hydem Welt Marble
HWSB109 Seabrook Hydem Welt Porcelain
HWSBD146 Seabrook Hydem Welt D Action Yellow
HWSB119 Seabrook Hydem Welt Marigold
HWSB147 Seabrook Hydem Welt Lime
HWSB145 Seabrook Hydem Welt Hot Orange
HWSB103 Seabrook Hydem Welt American Beauty
HWSB101 Seabrook Hydem Welt Ruby
HWSB118 Seabrook Hydem Welt Deep Sea
HWSB139 Seabrook Hydem Welt Blue
HWSBD106 Seabrook Hydem Welt D Nu Teal
HWSB113 Seabrook Hydem Welt Forest
HWSBD141 Seabrook Hydem Welt D Purple
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