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You searched for: High Density Foam - Firm
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Density, defined in pounds per cubic foot, is a function of foam chemistry. Usually, the higher the density, the better the durability, comfort & support.

Compression, also known as ILD (Impression Load Deflection ) or IFD (Indentation Force Deflection), is defined as a measurement of foam firmness related to comfort. Compression is independent of foam density, although it is commonly thought that higher density foams are firmer. High density foams can exhibit a soft feel while low density foams can have a firm surface, depending on the compression (ILD / IFD) specification.

High Density Foam - Firm
Density: 2.0 lb.
Compression: 50 lb.
Sold By the Pack & in Single Sheets
Fire Retardant
Flammability: California 117
Warning: FR foams are fire retardant, not fire proof.
Please be aware that polyurethane foam will burn.

ImageItem IDDescriptionQuantity
FB16 1" x 24" x 82" 6/Pack {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB23 2" x 24" x 82" 3/Pack {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB32 3" x 24" x 82" 2/Pack {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB42 4" x 24" x 82" 2/Pack {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB51 5" x 24" x 82" 1/Pack {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB12482 1" x 24" x 82" {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB22482 2" x 24" x 82" {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB32482 3" x 24" x 82" {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB42482 4" x 24" x 82" {Blue} 2lb density/50lb
FB1546PAC FOAM, BLUE FIRM 1" x 54" x 82 6/PCK
FB2543PAC FOAM, BLUE FIRM 2" x 54" x 82 3/PCK
FB3542PAC FOAM, BLUE FIRM 3" x 54" x 82 2/PCK
FB45482 FOAM, BLUE FIRM 4" x 54" x 82"
FB2050SAMPLE 2050 4"x12"x12" sample
R151702 EZE Film Foam Shrink Wrap / Moisture Barrier