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Automotive Supplies: including auto fabric, auto upholstery fabric, vinyl, and headliner.

Auto Fabric and Auto Upholstery

Miami stocks a large variety of original auto cloth and vinyl fabric, actively keeping inventory from the past 10 years. We also carry a wide range of aftermarket vinyl and auto upholstery fabric in OEM colors and patterns, but at a fraction of the price.

Upholstery is the general term for anything that is used to cover something (walls, seating, etc.) basically anything sold on a roll such as cloth, vinyl, leather, and/or headlining. Automotive fabric is one type of upholstery that Miami Corp sells. Within that group are two sub-groups, Original Equipment Material (OEM) and Aftermarket goods (everything else). OEM goods would be the reproduction of what was in the automobile when it was manufactured. Our customers have the choice to restore it back to what was original (OEM), choose something made to replicate the original (aftermarket), or go with something completely different (aftermarket).

Original Auto Vinyl and Original Auto Fabric: Miami Corp has one of the largest inventories of OEM auto fabrics in the U.S. This includes cloth, vinyl, leather and headliner. Visit our OEM Auto Fabric Search by Vehicle page or use an "Original Book" to find the make and model of the automobile to obtain the OEM match for your vehicle.

Can't find the OEM auto fabric for your vehicle? Perhaps consider replacing the original auto fabric with a reproduction or another aftermarket fabric. Miami Corp can fullfill all of your auto fabric needs!

Aftermarket Auto Vinyl: A wide variety of automotive vinyl fabrics made to match OEM in every property, except the price.

Aftermarket Auto Fabric: A collection of Tweed, Velvet, Suede, Hounds Tooth and Velour upholstery fabrics for your auto interior upholstery needs. Miami Corp has roughly ten types or styles of aftermarket auto fabric that include camouflage (made of cotton and polyester), polyesters, suedes, tweeds, velours, and velvets. Most aftermarket auto fabrics are made to resemble or duplicate original auto fabrics. Some are simply made for trends seen in the automotive market (Houndstooth, Camo). Tweeds are made of 100% Polyolefin with an acrylic backing, seen mostly in restored vehicles or the hot rod industry. Velvets and velours come either woven or in a knit. All our patterns are made of polyester with the exception of Lustre Velvet, which is made of nylon. Wovens include Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn.

Have you considered the option of Multiple Suedes?
  • Surpasses 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek test
  • Resistant to shrinkage, pilling, crocking and mildew
  • Resistant to fading under normal residential settings
  • Soft, elegant touch.
  • Breathable and wrinkle resistant
  • Easy to clean and washable
  • Water, stain, and soil resistant
  • Can be machine washed or dry-cleaned
Synergy Suede:
  • Three options of high abrasion resistant and UV rated suede
  • Contour - Unbacked
  • Laser - Perforated
  • Performer - Backed High
  • Elegance and simplicity combined
  • Proven durability and optimum performance
  • Trusted and respected American brand
  • Responsibly engineered EcoDesign™ products
  • Meets OEM specifications as well as FMVSS302 flammability requirements
  • Precision trimming and dye cutting
  • Injection moldable and thermo formable
  • Registered ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Global distribution and quality control by Toray Industries

Headliner: A collection of headliners ranging in thickness, width, and styles. Choose from vinyl, Sunbrite, our 1/8" and 3/16" styles.